Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why Whitluck?

So we decided to try out the whole blogging thing. I know, we are a little late to the game. Why is the site called "Whitluck". Well if any of you know Dan, he always refers to Murphy's Law as "Whitluck". Whatever can go wrong usually will for us. Though sometimes it can be good "Whitluck".
Also the other reason for this blog is that on the 24th, we are starting our first long family vacation. In the traditional of the Griswolds, we are driving and visiting Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Vegas and everything in between. This will be a two week road trip. Yes, we are driving with the 3 boys and Dorothy (Dan's mom).
When Dan was back east last week at Ft Dix, he was visiting his Aunt, Grandmother and cousins in Philadelphia. He was telling them about the trip. The idea came up to start the blog to keep family and friends in touch on our trip around the Western US a la the Griswolds. So the countdown begins. We will keep you posted.

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