Friday, June 25, 2010

First Day


Used Thursday morning to get everything into the rented Yukon.  Of course we had to pay homage to "Family Vacation" and the Griswolds.  As you know the title of the blog is Whitluck and we experienced a little bit of that Thursday morning.  Laura had to run to the store and big up a few things and as luck would have it, she ended up in the slowest possible check out line.  So in turn we were a few minutes late to pick up the boys.  But, we were well on our way by 11:00am.  We stopped in Ellensburg for lunch and then Couer d'Alene for some ice cream and to stretch our legs.  Dinner in Missoula at Iron Horse.  One of the best meals we've ever had.  And finally we limped into Bozeman at 12:30am.  Cassie came to meet us at the hotel and give the boys hugs and kisses. LW

Mapquest lies.  10 Hours turned into 12 and a half, plus the time change. They must assume that you have the bladder of a camel and can goes days without relief.  After a traditional 'must stop' at Ellensburg, it was straight thru to Missoula.  Nope.  Ryan started first, "when are we going to get there?" It was somewhere between Vantage and Moses Lake.  Near Cheney, he needed to stretch his legs.  He was tired of sitting.  Get used to it kid...  By the Idaho line he was working up excuses one after the other.  The best one was... "I need to get out of the car so I can rest my legs. We got him to hold off for a bit when he realized that he could stand up in the Yukon.  Of course getting him to stay in the seat became the ultimate challeng,e so we stopped at Couer d'Alene. Couer d'Alene which turned into a ice cream stop vs just a leg stretch for Ryan.

Yahoo-oooo!  Idaho and Montana Speed Limit 75!!!

Gassed up in the little town of Alberton.  Had a new experience there.  Found out that you can only get $74 of gas out of a pump before it stops.  Reloaded the pump with the debit card and the Yukon took another $20.01.  Damn.  (Gotta check the gallons/mile meter when I get back on the road...)  Averaged 15.8... er... uh... well... there were a lot of mountain passes.  Yeah that's the reason. DW

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