Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 5: Cheyenne WY to Colorado Springs CO

Since this was going to be a short driving day, we slept in for a little while. Had an interesting breakfast.  Not sure if the waiter was on something or what.  He wouldn't hold still to take our orders.  Had to chase him down to order drinks for Dorothy and the boys.  Then when our order came it wasn't quite right.  The other table that he was attending too didn't even get their order.  Passed by Ft Collins and Loveland.  Brought back some memories for Laura, as that was where she went to junior high.  Stopped at Starbuck's (YEAH!).  You don't want to mess with Laura if she doesn't have her daily coffee.  She didn't have it yesterday and let's say it wasn't pleasant.  Finally arrived at the Air Force Academy.  We took the Chapel tour and watched the Freshman cadets on the parade field.  Again some nostalgia for Laura as her dad taught electrical engineering from 1976 - 1980 at the Academy.  Conner believes he would like to attend the Academy.  We noticed that they have a prep school here too. Maybe one of the boys may need some discipline later on in life.  I'm sure you can't guess who (Ryan).  We had dinner at Jake Quinn's Irish Pub and participated in Quiz Night.  When we left, we were tied for second.  Not bad.

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  1. Hi Whitlock Family,

    What a great trip you are having! Thanks for sharing notes & pictures.

    Carrie and all the Shedd Boys