Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 6: Colorado Springs to Durango

Day 6 started out pretty well.  We got everything packed, threw the air dam in the dumpster and headed out.  We stopped at Garden of the Gods and drove through the park.  The color is just amazing.  We stopped to get a picture by the Kissing Camels.  As Dorothy was coming back to the car, she slipped, fell and hit her head.  But everything is okay, just a little sore.  Stopped at Balancing Rock and took a picture of the boys.  It was funny a couple came with their pug, carried the pug up the incline and underneath Balancing Rock to get a picture of the dog.  The funny part to me is that they carried the dog instead of letting the dog walk by itself.  The incline was a little steep and the man almost slipped and fell.  Drove along US 160 to Durango and made a few potty stops along the way.  Arrived in Durango and had a hard time finding the hotel.  Neverlost was wrong.  Ate some pizza at Farquaht's.  Great pizza.  Then of course the nightly ritual of the pool.  The boys never get tired of swimming.

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