Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 3: Cody WY to Sturgis SD

The day started out around 8:00am with breakfast. The clouds started coming in. Originally we were going to stop at the William Cody Museum, but decided to get on the road. Thunder and lightening storms for quite a ways. We decided to go to Devils Tower. Some of you may remember “Close Encounters of a Third Kind”. The scene when the aliens land and the music plays. Classic. Pretty impressive. We continued on to Sturgis watching the thunder and lightening, going around twisty roads, seeing lots of bikers. Saw lots of antelope, one moose and many deer. We got into Sturgis around 5:50pm. Checked into the hotel and then went downtown to eat at Rozco’s Bar and Grill. Okay dinner, not anything to special. Then we went back to the hotel where the boys were able to swim to their hearts content.

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