Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 9: Las Vegas

Pool Day, Pool Day, everybody sing for Pool Day.  Conner was up first at 7:55am, asking doesn't the pool open up at 8:00am?  Yes, it does.  Well, he woke everyone up and we were down at the pool by 8:30am.  We bought 3 intertubes and the boys went straight for the lazy river and the wave pool.  Unfortunately we had to hunt for chairs.  There was this pervasive smell where we originally sat.  It smelt like a port-a-potty that was too full in a park with 100+ temperature.  We moved to a few different places, but the wind would bring some of that fresh smell back to us.  Dan said it smalled like Khandahar.  We were at the pool for over 3 hours then headed back inside to shower, change and lunch.  Amazingly even skipping breakfast we did not get that "I'm hungry" cry from Ryan.  We walked over NY NY and had hot dogs, pizza and deli sandwhiches.  Stopped at the candy stand to get some candy and over to Coca Cola store. Years and years ago, you used to be able to get free samples of the cokes from around the world.  Not anymore. Bummer.

Then we we worked our way to Bellagio and Ceasar's so the boys could see some of the other casinos.  The atrium at Bellagio is always amazing with the flowers and the different themes.  This time it was a garden theme with oversided bugs and garden tools.  Continued through Ceasar's and watched one of the shows. 

Then it was back to the Monte Carlo for the pool, dinner and bed for Granny and the boys.  Laura and Dan went out to d.Vino, a very bad wine bar.  But oh well, we were in Vegas.  It's becoming apparent that due to declining revenues and fewer people traveling to Vegas, everyone is doing 2 things:  raising prices and decreasing operation costs and maintenance by giving you less but charging you more.  A bottle of water at the bar is $4.50.  The wines we had were nothing special but were $12.00 - $18.00 for a 2 oz pour.  Even though it was a holiday weekend and a fight weekend.  There was barely anyone in the casino.  If they want more revenue, they need to decrease the prices and maybe people will come.

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