Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 10: Vegas NV to Salt Lake City UT

We got up a little early to get a head start to Salt Lake City.  We wanted to be out of town before we ate breakfast and got coffee.  Big mistake, there isn't a lot available on the road from Vegas to Salt Lake City. McDonald's in Overton.   It was a ways off of the freeway.  Then we finally stopped in Mesquite for Starbucks.  Had to run into the Virgin River Casino to get it.  MUST HAVE COFFEE!!  Then it was the drive through the Virgin River Canyon.  Wow.  It was very impressive.  Crossed into Utah and continued on to Salt Lake.  Stopped at One Man Band in Nephi and had dinner.  Interesting place.  You order your dinner from a phone at the table.  It gets cooked, they call you back, you walk up front to pick it up and pay for it.  We got into North Salt Lake around 6:00pm or so and checked into the hotel.  The boys went swimming.  Around 9pm decided we wanted some ice cream.  Everything was closed early because of the 4th the next day.  Watched some TV and off to bed.  Pretty uneventful day.

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